Fasting to Lose Weight: Is It Effective?

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Fasting to Lose WeightConventional wisdom would seem to dictate that fasting to lose weight would be the easiest and most sensible method of weight loss. It’s common knowledge that eating too much food causes one to gain weight, and reducing food intake will contribute towards success in a weight loss program. Thus it would seem that fasting – or going for long periods of time without eating – would be the quickest way to lose weight. But the truth is that fasting is actually counter-productive when it comes to losing weight and even staying healthy in general.

Logically, it seems that the inevitable outcome of fasting should be weight loss. After all, we gain weight by eating too much; when we consume more calories than we burn, our bodies store the excess energy as fat so that it can be used later if we are unable to obtain food. Our bodies’ storage of fat is simply a survival mechanism that provides us with energy when food is scare, which would have been a great advantage to humans in earlier times; for example, hunter-gatherer tribes would have benefited from their bodies’ efficient fat storage when food was scarce in the winter. However, in modern times, food is incredibly abundant in the Western world. Our ability to grow and produce food has long exceeded our nutritional needs and we’re faced with all the food we can eat.

As human beings, our natural tendency is to eat as much food as we can, and even to seek out the foods that are the most calorie-dense since they provide the most energy. We’re constantly fighting our instincts: they tell us to eat another slice of cake since our bodies still operate on mechanisms that evolved when food was scarce, while in our minds we know that there is plenty of food to go around and that we are in no real danger of starving.

Fasting to Lose Weight may not be the best choice for weight loss.This leads many people to consider fasting to lose weight. If reducing your daily food intake by 300 calories is enough to lose a few pounds a month, then reducing it by 1000 calories should be even better, right? Unfortunately, our bodies don’t work that way. You may lose weight by reducing your food intake drastically but you will also be signaling to your body that there isn’t enough food to go around. Your body doesn’t know the difference between fasting and starving and it will take measures to prolong your “survival.” It will begin to store more of your food intake as fat, meaning that your fasting to lose weight program won’t be as efficient, and it will also begin to break down your lean tissue – muscle – for energy. This is an undesirable consequence because lean tissue aids in boosting your metabolism and also gives your body definition.

The end result of fasting to lose weight is that you will probably lose weight, but you may not even look any better because your body increased its fat storage and broke down your muscle tissue! Fasting also deprives your body of the vitamins and minerals that it requires for normal operation, meaning that you may feel lethargic and mentally cloudy in addition to being more susceptible to illness.

On the surface it may seem like fasting to lose weight would be a quick and efficient method of weight loss. While it may result in actual weight loss, the drawbacks are far too severe and there are much better, and more sensible, methods of losing weight. Click here for more great weight loss information and instant access to the #1 weight loss plan on the Internet!

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