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If Traditional Diets Simply Don’t Work For You, It’s NOT YOUR FAULT… There IS A REASON!

Discover Why “Diets” Always Fail You!

Why Some Diets Work Against Your Body, Slow-Down Your Body’s Ability to Burn Fat and Keep You From Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals!


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But YOU are not the problemyour DIET is the problem!

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The Solution That Will END Your “Dieting”

Have you ever spent days following a strict diet plan… starving yourself the entire time… only to step on the scale and see NO CHANGE?

....(or worse… see the scale move in the wrong direction)

Well it’s time for you to understand WHY this happens. It’s time for you to understand why all your hard work isn’t paying off…

THIS IS GOING TO SHOCK YOU because everyone wants to blame YOU for the lack of results. But it’s not your fault.

And it’s not because your metabolism is slow…

And it’s not because you aren’t trying hard enough…

And it’s not because you aren’t following your diet correctly…


It’s because those so-called “health foods” you have been eating are really FULL of sugar… and they are KILLING your body’s ability to burn fat!


There is a MASSIVE list of foods that most diets – and even nutritionists – will describe as “health foods”. But these foods are anything but healthy because they begin to change into sugar as soon as they enter your body.

Diets plans and healthy eating programs actually ENCOURAGE you to eat these foods… and then they BLAME YOU when you gain weight!

It’s no surprise that you feel frustrated right now.

You follow a strict diet plan… you THINK you are doing great… but the scale won’t budge.

And it’s all because these so-called “health foods” are actually keeping you fat!

Everything from orange juice, to low-fat cereals, to whole grain muffins, to reduced calorie salad dressings… the list is HUGE.
You have eaten these foods because you believed they are going to help you see results, but the reality is that these foods coat your body with sugars and cause you to gain weight!

How Over 30,000 People World-Wide STOPPED DIETING and Finally Lost Weight

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Isabel De Los Rios is a ground-breaking nutritionist who has developed a cutting-edge approach to nutrition she calls “The Diet Solution".

Isabel takes a completely different approach to weight loss. She offers life-changing information that will completely change the way you eat – and your body’s ability to burn fat.


ELIMINATE your constant struggle and produce the maximum results you deserve!

But best of all… she explains exactly:

  • The most effective way to turbo-charge your weight loss

  • Which so-called “healthy foods” you MUST avoid

  • And which foods will actually work to accelerate your body’s ability to burn fat

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There Are Only 3 Basic Concepts that Produce LASTING Weight Loss…

everything else is unnecessary


Isabel has taken all the bad information… all the weight loss scams… and all the confusion… and has broken down “The Diet Solution” into 3 basic concepts.


  1. You have to know the foods that cause accelerated fat burning

  2. You have to know the foods that prevent fat burning

  3. You have to know how to combine the right foods to get the maximum effect


Once you know the right foods to eat, you can forget about the life-crushing diets that have ruled your life for far too long…
You can stop courting calories, stop starving yourself and stop struggling!


What Results Can You Expect?


  • Expect to lose 3 -10 lbs in the first week.
  • Expect to melt-away 10% of your body fat in the first month.
  • Expect to continue to drop another 10% with each passing month… until you reach your weight loss goal. No dieting “plateau” to worry about.
  • And best of all… Expect to feel SATISFIED, healthy, energized and happy.

You have finally found a weight loss plan that will easily fit into your life and work for you long-term.


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And Yes… These Results ARE Typical!


Forget about those empty promises that you hear from all the other diets, pills, shakes and programs out there!

They advertise their products, show you the results and then tell you “these results are not typical”.


But with Isabel’s solution, burning 10% of your body fat each and every month IS TYPICAL!


If you follow “The Diet Solution” you are GUARANTEED to burn the fat and reach your goal weight with ease.

And with “The Diet Solution” there is NO calorie counting, NO diet pills, and NO strict starvation diets… just real, consistent weight loss.


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