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BMI Calculator

August 2nd, 2010
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If your BMI calculation result is 30 or above, you fall into the obese category.
If your result is 25.0 – 29.9, you are considered overweight.
Results in the range of 18.5 – 24.9 are considered normal.
And, if your calculated result is below 18.5, you are underweight.


The BMI calculation is an estimation, a tool. It is not an exact or definitive result. BMI is calculated based on a formula and therefore has some shortcomings. For instance, BMI doesn’t take genetic history, body type differences, or behaviors such as drinking and smoking into account. If you are an athlete, you may weigh more for your height, but your weight is muscle not fat. Therefore, as an athlete, you would not obtain an accurate BMI by using this formula. BMI is still a useful tool, when used together with other health measurements, to help you to generally understand where you are in terms of body fat ratio, and whether your health is at higher risk for diseases such as heart disease or diabetes.

Fat Burning Foods

May 8th, 2010

The Diet Solution Program

April 24th, 2010

The Diet Solution Program is a powerful program for naturally achieving successful weight loss. It was developed by Isabel De Los Rios who suffered from weight issues early in life, and was considered predisposed to diabetes because of her family history. Through her own careful research, Isabel created an awesome weight loss system which promotes health and well-being, and helps to combat problematic, unhealthy conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

How Does It Work?

The Diet Solution Program works by giving you the knowledge and tools you need to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. It is not so much a diet as it is a means of changing your behaviors and eating habits for life. It does not promote extreme, short-term weight loss, but a healthy, well-balanced diet and lifestyle for the long-term. But don’t let that fool you. You’ll lose pounds within just the first week of using this program, and within your first two weeks, you’ll lose both pounds and inches!

What About Results?

Isabel De Los RiosFor nearly 10 years now, The Diet Solution Program has consistently proven its effectiveness to weight loss skeptics (as you may be), with sometimes stunning results. Isabel first used her exclusive system for her personal 30-pound weight loss. Then she applied it to family members with weight problems and health issues, who had wonderful results. Since those early days, thousands of individuals have experienced great results of their own.

Who’s Using This?

Individuals with lifelong weight problems, nutrition issues, chronic illnesses, and even weight gain due to injury have used Isabel’s system, lost weight and got healthy. The program is even flexible enough to accommodate individuals with certain food allergies. For example, if you’re allergic to protein sources such as eggs or peanuts, you can still successfully use this program for weight loss and develop a healthy, nutritional lifestyle.

Is It Complicated?

Okay, so far everything sounds peachy, but what you really want to know is “How hard is this?”

One of the chief reasons that people fail to reach their weight goals is that the diet or weight loss program they’re using is unrealistic, too complicated or hard to incorporate into everyday living. Not so with The Diet Solution Program. This system incorporates foods that are easily found at your local grocery, supermarket and health food stores. It’s “everyday food” that you can find at a reasonable cost, and that you can prepare quickly and easily in your own kitchen. There is no calorie counting. No buying shakes, supplements or ‘food bars’.

Effective weight loss is not rocket science. In fact, it really is very simple when you apply the right knowledge and tools. And because of the way it’s designed, this program naturally helps you to simplify the way you prepare daily meals.

Is It Crazy (Extremely) Restrictive?

Absolutely not! As stated earlier, The Diet Solution Program is a nutrition and weight loss system the basic principles of which are designed for you to use for the rest of your life. Can you envision a life of eating no fats, no meats (or only meats), and no carbs? Or, worse yet, nearly starving yourself on ridiculously small portions of food you don’t even like?

Some can, but they’re in the minority. It’s simply unrealistic to expect that most people on a Western (American) diet would be willing or able to adhere to such extremes over more than a short time span. Besides that, it’s not healthy. Your optimum health is based on the benefits of balanced nutrition. Dietary regimens that are extremely restrictive may produce weight loss results in the short term, but are certainly not healthy or practical over the long term.

The Diet Solution Program quickly teaches you how to lose weight naturally, eating ‘good fats’ and ‘good carbohydrates’, by eliminating bad sugars and processed foods, and learning to prepare sumptuous meals using the right combinations of foods together to promote your body’s own fat-burning potential.

The Diet Solution Program

I’m Interested So, What Do I Get?

The Diet Solution Program consists of exclusive materials and tools to catapult you to quickly and easily reach your weight loss goals. Here’s what you’ll get with this program:

  • The Diet Solution Program Manual – Your comprehensive weight loss guide. Jam packed with detailed, specific information and actions steps you need to achieve your weight loss goals!
  • The Metabolic Typing Test – Isabel provides you this tool to determine your specific metabolic type, which in turn helps to customize your weigh loss program.
  • Success Journal – Keep track of your eating habits and weight loss as you progress to reach your goals.
  • Food Shopping Guide – Get help with shopping for the DSP system. This exquisite guide is your perfect resource.
  • Quick Start Guide – Jump-start your weight loss and begin The Diet Solution Program within just minutes of reading this helpful guide.
  • Top 10 Nutrition Facts Keeping You Fat – Unravel misleading nutrition information that has been keeping you fat.
  • Recipe Guide – Find recipes for creating irresistible meals you’ll love to eat!
  • 60 Days of Done For You Meal Plans – What’s an easy way to develop meal plans? Have them already done for you! You’ll find 60 days of delicious meal plans already completed right here!

Okay, I’m Ready To Start Burning Fat Now!

So, how do you get The Diet Solution Program? Simply click the button below to start your weight loss program now or for additional information before joining the program.

The Diet Solution

(In a hurry? On the following page, click the “Click Here To Start Burning Fat Now” buttons, and purchase the program using the limited time discount offer!)

Jennifer Lee On Oprah

April 10th, 2010