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How Can Your Thyroid Help You Burn More Fat?

October 3rd, 2010

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ThyroidYour thyroid regulates your metabolism. When this is working incorrectly you feel sluggish, achy and depressed. We owe a lot to our thyroids and when they are out of whack, we can gain a lot of weight. Keeping this small gland healthy is fundamental to burning more calories and consequently, to burn more fat.

Over 27 million Americans have undiagnosed thyroid problems. This gland is responsible for regulating metabolism and it often leads to weight gain. If you have a thyroid condition, your doctor can help you with treatment. However, there are ways to keep that butterfly-shaped gland happy and healthy, giving you energy and helping you burn off fat. Luckily, all of the tips listed to keeping your thyroid healthy also keep your calorie intake down.

Here are some ways to keep your thyroid healthy:

  • Kelp. Your thyroid needs iodine, but not too much. Try adding a little kelp to your diet. The iodine will convert your T4 hormone, inactive hormones, into T3 hormones, hormones responsible for your metabolism.
  • Vitamins. Deficiencies in vitamins B12, B3 and B-6 can compromise your thyroid’s hormone production. Make sure your multivitamin has all of these necessary vitamins. Vitamins C and E are also fundamental. Only buy natural vitamin E that uses mixed tocopherols.
  • Oatstraw is an important herb for your thyroid. You can brew this in tea or make it into a mineral infusion.
  • Avoid hormones found in meat or poultry. Shop for hormone-free meats and poultry or try increasing your intake of salmon, which is also good for your thyroid.
  • Avoid refined foods and try to eat as much fresh foods as possible. Sprouts, salads, raw vegetables and grains have enzymes that actually heal your thyroid.

A healthy thyroid not only increases your metabolism, it secretes a hormone that helps with muscle growth. When you have more muscle you burn more calories. 10 pounds of muscle burns an extra 3,500 calories per week, allowing you to lose more weight.

When you keep your thyroid healthy, you keep your energy levels high. This will increase your metabolism and overall productivity. When you have a dysfunctioning thyroid not only is your metabolism low, making it difficult to burn calories, you have low energy levels which keeps you from taking the initial step towards weight loss.

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Foods That Speed Metabolism – Top Eight Foods That Will Give It A Boost!

April 24th, 2010

Do you feel sluggish and tired, or are you energetic and always on-the-go? In this day and age of sedentary lifestyles and processed food, many people want to not only lose weight, but feel energized and revitalized like they did when they were younger. If this sounds like you, the solution is fortunately very simple: your metabolism, or the rate you burn energy, likely needs a boost. A few simple dietary changes can not only give you more energy for the day, but over time, will help your body function at its peak efficiently. These top eight foods that speed metabolism are readily available at any grocery store:

1.) Eggs. Eggs offer some of the highest quality proteins available and therefore make an excellent breakfast to kickstart your day. Their versatility allows you to incorporate them into many dishes – no matter how you choose to prepare them.

2.) Salmon. Wild salmon is one of the healthiest fish available, and if you have the budget, should be consumed at least twice a week. Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that control leptin, the hormone in your body responsible for storing energy. The lower amount of leptin you have, the less fat you will store. Salmon is one of the best foods around to control this hormone level.

3.) Rolled Oats. Mix rolled oats with whey protein and flaxseed for an ultra-nutritious breakfast that will carry you through the day. The complex carbohydrates and fiber will fuel your metabolism because oatmeal takes awhile for the stomach to digest, thus keeping insulin levels low and allowing you to feel energetic longer before your next meal.

4.) Almonds. The essential fatty acids in almonds are excellent for upholding a swift, healthy metabolism. Eating just a handful will go a long way, as almonds have a very high caloric and protein content.

5.) Natural Yogurt. Yogurt will not only give you the necessary protein and carbohydrates to jumpstart your day, but the live probiotics will speed metabolism by regulating your digestive tract. Eat a cup of plain or vanilla yogurt in the morning with an apple, a fiber-filled fruit.

6.) Spinach. Spinach is chock-full of nutrients for your body: antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium and iron. Next time you go for a salad, swap the Caesar salad for a spinach-and-strawberry salad, complete with onions, peppers, cucumbers and olives.

7.) Coffee. Experts often disagree whether the pros outweigh the cons, but consuming coffee is beneficial so long as you do so in moderation. Recent evidence shows that coffee can not only strengthen your heart and stave off cancer, you can add coffee to your list of foods that speed metabolism. Tip: Consuming a cup of java about 30 minutes before a workout will give you an extra energy boost in your workout – and thus will help you burn calories.

8.) Water. Okay, water isn’t really a food, but make sure you drink plenty of water. The old advice used to be to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. That’s changed over the years, but the basic principle has not. Your body is mostly made from water. Not only will it enhance your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients you take in, but it also helps your body flush out toxins and the free radicals responsible for illness and premature aging. Keep your water cold. Cold water feels more refreshing, and your body will burn as much as 100 extra calories to restore its natural body temperature.

These are just a few examples of foods that speed metabolism. There are certainly more. For a program that will help you to learn more about and utilize these types of foods in your efforts to lose weight, click here.