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Lose Weight Naturally – 3 Methods to Lose Weight the Natural and Healthy Way

December 19th, 2009

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Learn to Lose Weight Naturally and SafelyWith the growing concerns over unsafe medications and chemical use, it is no surprise that many people who are anxious to lose weight are looking for very natural methods to do so. The scope of this article describes three natural methods to lose weight – the first method is a very simple concept that should be adopted for the long run for most people. The second method is  ideal for those looking to go completely au natural. The third is to be applied only a few times a year at max, but successful completion can bring about many drastic positive changes to your life. Below are three methods to lose weight naturally and in a healthy way;

1.) The easiest method to lose weight is by simply adopting a healthy lifestyle and developing good habits. This means eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes (seeds, beans and nuts), dairy and lean meats for protein. Eating a wide variety ensures that you get all the nutrients you need, while limiting consumption of excess sugar, alcohol, deep-fried foods and saturated fats. Combine such a diet with at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day, such as walking, swimming, running, dancing, kickboxing or anything else that requires you to move physically and engages your interest.

2.) For another natural weight loss method, some people choose to lose weight by starting an exercise regimen. As human beings, we need regular physical exercise to stay healthy and fit. But exercise in combination with a diet is also needed to burn calories, and to lose weight we have to burn more calories than we take in. Through the ages, the average human’s diet has changed from earth-based (raw fruits and vegetables and organically raised meat) to chemically processed. The fruits and vegetables we eat today are mostly farmed with pesticides and other man-made chemicals. And of course our meat sources are raised on a variety of antibiotics and chemical enhancers. All of these work together in ways that make it more difficult for our bodies to naturally process our food in a way that helps us to maintain a healthy weight. We must exercise more, and more efficiently, to maintain and lose weight.

3.) Done right, fasting is an excellent measure to take to lose weight naturally. Fasting means not consuming solid food for a day or more, instead taking in freshly squeezed juice, water or tea. Just as we need the occasional day off from work, the digestive system needs a break as well. Fasting for a couple days two or three times a year is a natural means of weight loss, as it helps to flush out toxins and keep your system revitalized. Use caution, however – there are different ways to fast, and some are healthier than others, so it is important to do your homework and check with a qualified herbalist, dietitian or medical professional before beginning any fasting program.