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How Programs Like LA Weight Loss Can Take Advantage of Dieters

October 28th, 2010

LA Weight Loss

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The world of health and nutrition is somewhat complex and can seem very daunting, and that’s exactly how programs like LA Weight Loss seem to want you to feel about it. For many people, losing weight successfully seems to be some kind of magic secret that no one wants to share. Some accomplish it easily, while others struggle even though they try just as hard.

There is an incredible amount of information circulating concerning health and nutrition as they relate to weight loss.

It seems that new studies are coming out every day that disprove old theories and cause us to constantly re-evaluate the foods and practices that we consider healthy.

It’s no wonder that so many people are confused about weight loss, and end up feeling hopeless after attempting to diet without seeing results. It’s this kind of confusion that diets like LA Weight Loss seem to prey upon.

The LA Weight Loss plan is an expensive program (when you consider the costs relative to the budget of “average” individuals) that requires dieters to answer an extensive set of screening questions before learning anything about the diet. Members of the program are required to check into one of the company’s fitness centers three times a week for a weigh-in and a meeting with a counselor.

A Weight Loss Plan based on wholesome and nutritious foods is always the best choice.The LA Weight Loss meal plan is actually very simple and does not require any kind of special food, as it mainly focuses on foods that are easily found in stores. The plan does not appear to offer any kind of specialized advice, instead opting for general, common-sense ideas like decreasing intake of sweets while increasing intake of fruits and vegetables.

But the program seems to reveal its true nature when the counselors begin their sales pitch. According to an ABC News report (2007), from a reporter who signed up for the LA Weight Loss program, members are quickly be bombarded by suggestions from their counselors to purchase the nutritional supplements and meal replacements offered by the program, including chocolate bars and juice.

According to report, the counselors are quite aggressive with offering these items, stating that although they’re not absolutely necessary for weight loss, they will help a great deal. This is one of the ways that the program preys on dieters. Many of them have previously tried several diet plans with varying degrees of success, and they’re told that these dietary supplements will make all the difference in their weight loss journey.

Unfortunately, a number of dieters believe the hype and purchase the products; sometimes at considerable expense. After all, the counselors are experts, right? The result of this tactic is that it squeezes as much money as possible out of every member, and not necessarily to the dieter’s benefit.

The above is an example of why it’s never a good idea to follow a diet plan that specifically recommends, or enforces, the use of its own special food products.

There is no weight loss product that will provide results that a balanced diet and an active lifestyle cannot provide.

If you are faced with a program that strongly suggests the use of its own products, remember two things: first, if the company goes out of business, you will have no way to get their weight loss products anymore; and second, no legitimate weight loss program or strategy will require you to eat or drink anything beyond what you can find in the grocery store and cook at home.

LA Weight Loss certainly isn’t the only program to seemingly take advantage of dieters with promises of special products that encourage weight loss, and it won’t be the last. Keep an eye out for these programs; make certain when searching for a suitable weight loss program to do your “due diligence” in terms of research and fact-finding, and remember that the primary purpose of these extra products is simply to make more money from dieters who already pay for a membership.

If you’re interested in a weigh loss plan that features a balanced diet of nutritious food choices without special meals, bars, supplements and the like, click here.